Accepted Papers

Order of papers does not necessarily reflect presentation order. Papers are subject to move between tracks.

Main track

  • Blank______Photographs. Hans Gindlesberger
  • What do images want? Towards an Ontotypology of the Image in the Age of Digital Envisioning. Mark Titmarsh
  • The Digital (Art) Latent in Analogue (Photography). Yanai Toister
  • The Image is a Moment – the art of the visual encounter. Stephen Hibbert and Anna Powell
  • Experiencing Porcelain as a Landscape. Peter Quinn Davis
  • The D-Scope: A Technique for Exploring Apparent Motion that Refutes the Image and Renders Time Concrete. Carol MacGillivray
  • Latent Relations: Photography and the Unseen Character of Lived Experience. Brogan Bunt
  • Images of Torture: a failure to see. John Smith and Max Houghton
  • Seeing the Invisible – Concepts of Layering the Moving Image. Elke Reinhuber, Hannes Rall and Sebastian Pelz
  • New Materialist Pedagogy: A Deleuzo- Bergsonian Image of Thought. Spencer Roberts and Brent Hardy-Smith
  • Digital Motion Unseen. Katharina Gsoellpointner
  • This Excited Surface: A Doppelganer Sun. Jane Grant
  • What do images want? Towards an Ontotypology of the Image in the Age of Digital Envisioning. Mark Titmarsh

The Image as More-Than-Human.

  • The New Death Mask. Laini Burton
  • Atomic Autographs. Asad Ullah Khan
  • The Volca project: a sensory experiment in collaborative visualisation. Daniel Buzzo
  • Conceived without the aid of the senses. Donal Fitzpatrick, Georgiana Antoce and Tracy Lannon
  • Rock AR(t): Preschoolers Experiencing Rock & Contemporary Paintings in AR. Brenda Lopez Silva, Nuria Sanz and Vannesa Bohorquez Lopez
  • Interaction after Representation: Intra-acting with Videogames. Conor Mckeown and Conor Mckeown
  • Soilogic Groundings (Towards Dirtier Philosophies of Creative Interchange). Linus Lancaster and Frederick Young

The Scientific Image and the Image-Body

  • Where Is The Brainbody In The Stories of Curation? Rowan Bailey
  • Nature of / and the Apparatus. Chris Henschke
  • Looking at the Blindspot: Towards a Material Hermeneutics of the Apparatus Chris Handran
  • Evolution of the Subject – Synthetic Biology in Fine Art Practice. Louise Mackenzie
  • The Biological Unseen: Producing And Mediating Imaginaries Of Protocells. Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa, Luis Hernan and Pei Ying-Lin

The Data-Image: Data Visualisation

  • Imagining Thought in Digital Space: 3D printed thoughts. Kellyann Geurts
  • Printing walkable visualizations. Dario Rodighiero
  • Now you see it, now you don’t. How do contemporary artists address the
  • Problematics of Visualisation Through Re-inventing Both Analogue and Digital Techniques of Printmaking? Ruth Pelzer-Montada
  • From People to Pixels: Visualizing Historical University Records. Tomas Vancisin, Alice Crawford, Mary Orr and Uta Hinrichs
  • A Poetics of the Data Image. Jenny Filipetti
  • A Review of the Usage and Design of Curves in Information Visualization. Benjamin Bach, Qiuyuan Ren, Charles Perin, and Pierre Dragicevic
  • The technological invisible — image making and dynamics of power. Luis Hernan and Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa